What’s New with Jobs?

Hey everyone. Just wanted to take a moment to explain some of the changes you’ll be seeing with your current jobs while on TAW.

In general, everything got a huge experience buff; We focused a lot of the actions around the end level (currently 200). While you may notice you’re currently getting slightly lowered pay, this was done to balance out the faster experience gain. We wanted to help you get to level 200 faster so you could start making the bigger income amounts.
Over the next week, we’ll be monitoring how these changes affect job choices, progression, and the economy. There might be some slight tweaks in the future (like increasing the level cap or increasing/decreasing max level payouts), we hope these changes are beneficial to everyone and the server. Some notable changes in each of the professions are as follows:

Treasure and Junk items have been added to give you experience for reeling them in. While you won’t get paid for them, we’ve buffed the base payment for the items you do get paid for. Be on the look out for those clownfish! (Fish are friends, not food..or are they? Don’t get rid of those ‘useless’ fish just yet.)

Woodcutter needed some love all round. Good news is, it won’t take you 18,000 logs to level in the higher end anymore. Base pay per action was increased. The action ‘Break Vines’ has been added for those scaling and chopping jungle trees.

With nether material being scarce, we wanted to make using your precious nether materials feel worth it. You’ll no longer need 1600 ghast tears to level in the higher end. Gun powder was added to the ‘Brew’ action. Brewers should keep an eye out for the elusive Ender Dragons as well, as he might have something you’ll want.

We wanted miners to get some benefit from rift events, so we’ve added Netherrack and Prismarine to your roster, along with basic stone. While they give no money for mining them, they do give some experience to help in those times between finding ores. The base pay was adjusted for the current economical state, and could be changed in the future depending on player/admin shop prices.

Hunter was a tough one to balance experience and pay for, but we have hopes that Hunters out there enjoy the changes. More mobs were added to the ‘Kill’ action, such as Illagers, Witches, Strays, Husks, and a few farm animals. Because Withers and Ender Dragons are tied to rift events, we buffed their experience for the player who kills them. Expect some good levels if you’re lucky enough to slay them!

We added in some more animals for the ‘Tame’ and ‘Breed’ actions. With the Farmlimiter in place, we know you can’t have large breed pits, so we’ve increased the experience gained to accommodate that. We balanced crops by making the ‘Place’ action give more experience, but less income so that when you harvest your crops, the ‘Break’ action gives more income and less experience. While breaking vines was removed from farmer, several others actions were added. Also, it won’t take you 55,000 crops to level in the high-end anymore!

Enchanters got a decent boost in both experience and income. Because the actions can only be done in the enchanting table, a lot of it is RNG as to what you’re going to get. We’ve now added books to the ‘Enchant’ action to help you get the enchants that you want. Getting paid for which enchant shows up on your item was weighted base on the probability percent tables that base Minecraft comes with.

The base experience for repairing items was increased, and bows were added to the ‘Repair’ action. While most people will be crafting diamond armor for their end game/pvp events, we wanted to give other options to craft for experience gain so that you didn’t have 2000+ sets of diamond armor sitting around. Diamond and Iron armor incomes were balanced around the current economical states, and may change in the future based on player/admin shop prices.

Double XP Weekends and other Buffs!
Yes, you heard right! Saturdays and Sundays, the server will reward you with twice the experience you would normally get per action. We’re hoping to run these every weekend from here on out to help reward your time on TAW. We’ll be monitoring how quickly players progress with these, and may increase the level cap if players are reaching 200 in a short time.

xp bonus

Also, keep your ears open to rumors and whispers. There might be some regional areas that give increased experience and/or money to specific jobs.

…Have you ever read the tale of the legendary Dwarven Forge? Heard the Fisher Villager talk about this Grotto he used to know of? Old scrolls were found describing a hellish area with non-stop flow of nether creatures…