Server Meeting 25th September

Skip to 9 minutes for  meeting begins.

ZHorses come to TAW.

Thank you everyone for your feedback at our last server meeting. We now have the Zhorses plugin on the server!


  • Claim any wild horse, donkey, mule or llama.
  • Name and rename at will your claimed horses.
  • Watch your horses names take the color of your permission group.
  • Exchange your horses with other players…
  • Or put them up for sale !
  • Protect your horses against a customizable list of damages.
  • Lock your horses to prevent any theft attempt…
  • But share them with your friends !
  • Teleport your horses to you.
  • Send them back to their stable.
  • Resurrect them with their full inventory.
  • Go through the list of commands to discover all the features ! (Not all features available on our server)

Plugin Page:

Server Community Meetup September 3rd + Oaks Rest Expansion

Our first meeting of the month! Thank you all who showed up and contributed.


Some of the topics of discussion were the removal of global chat, new abilities for wardens and gods, PVP arena & minigames, new plugins such as Zhorses, custom races, the new continent, and more. Watch the livestreamed video below to catch the entire meeting 🙂 Skip to 30 minutes for meeting begins.

Oaks Rest Expansion

Efforts are being made to expand Oaks Rest so that it has more space for new builds and services.

Log in and visit /spawn to see the changes as they happen!