Server Voting, Portals, ChestShops, & Spawn!

Working off the feedback from yesterdays meetup, we now have server voting on the server as well as a brand new spawn region!



Every day your vote will reset, and you will be able to vote for the server again. Every time you vote for the server, you gain a voting point.


Voting points can be used to purchase rare and valuable resources in the vote shop. Currently you can purchase 1 diamond with a voting point. More rare items will be added to the shop soon.

New Spawn


Going off constructive feedback, we have set up a brand new spawning area on the server. This dark oak forest doesn’t yet have a name, but there are no worldguarded zones for at least 1000 blocks in all directions. This will allow new and old players alike to easily gather resources, build, and raid, without running into too many protected regions.


You may easily get back to Euloria as well as Port Orange by passing through a nearby portal gate. Speaking of portals..

Player Made Portals

All players on the server now have the ability to build up to 2 of their own portals! These are created by building a frame with at least 2 emerald blocks in it, then right clicking the inside of the portal using a named clock (renamed using an anvil)


For the full guide on how these portals function, visit the wiki page Here.

Chest Shops

Chest shops have now been reintroduced. For instructions on how to create your own chest shop, type /shop while in-game. Currency on TAW is currently set to Nether Quarts.