Towny (Poll)


Last week I proposed a switch from Factions to Towny. I have a few motivations for this. First of which, we’ve only used Towny once before on the server during Age of Orrostar. From memory, the plugin worked really well for that age. ┬áSecondly, there isn’t too much right now to tell this age appart from previous ages. Sure, we have brand new lands to explore. But mechanically, we are still playing factions.

Now we are back on Orrostar & the continents, we have a currency set up ready to go (Netherquartz). I believe Towny could be a big missing piece of the puzzle to make this age feel truly different.

Upkeep costs will be kept very low, with higher costs for things like outposts. If I decide to implement Towny on the server it will be done in the middle of the week, and will likely overlap with Factions for a period of time until everyone safely makes the transition.

Poll below.

Port Orange Market =Now Open=

The Port Orange Market is in town! Or should I say, in port?


There are 8 shops available for rent for only 1 Nether Quart a day, so be quick! You can rent a shop by simply right clicking it’s sign. Once rented, type /shop for setup instructions, or visit the ShopChest plugin page.


In addition to this, a currency exchange building has been built nearby! To find either the market or the exchange building, just follow the signs from /spawn.