Towny is ON!

The implementation of Towny on the server has begun!

Note: Towny is NOT replacing Factions for the time being.


To create a new town, you will need 500 Nether Quartz. Use the command

/town new [town name] [mayors name]

Nether Quartz will be automatically deducted from your inventory.

Your next step should be creating a town vault, where you will need to store Nether Quartz to further expand your claim. Place a sign on or above a chest and type [town vault] on the top line. You can now deposit Nether Quartz into your town vault anytime with the command /town deposit [amount]


Now you’re ready to start claiming. Use the command /town claim to begin claiming. If you set up your town vault correctly, it should deduct 25 Quartz per chunk that you claim.

For a full guide on how Towny works, see the Wiki.

The current upkeep on towns is 5 Nether Quartz per chunk per day. What this means is the larger your town, the more upkeep you will need to pay to keep your town falling into ruin. You can earn more Quartz by trading in resources at the Currency Shop at Port Orange, killing zombies & skeletons, fighting rifts, or running your own store at the Port Orange Mall & Port Orange Market

You may also rent out plots in your town to players, and set taxes. This way every resident of your town will contribute to the upkeep of your town. Cooperative gameplay is the key to a successful town in Towny.

4 thoughts on “Towny is ON!

  1. I am absolutely disappointed by the decision to disable Factions. Not all of us know how to fight at all, so my base is going to become unprotected. Players deserve a choice between Townie and Factions.

    • If we could have both, we would. I’ll see what I can do.. but I don’t understand what you mean by fighting? who do you have to fight? Towny is another way to claim your builds, and you can turn pvp off. If anything, it’s safer than factions.

  2. You should lower the costs for upkeep, I need to mine and sell stuff rather than gather materials for building my town..

    • How many chunks do you have claimed? The more you have claimed the higher your upkeep costs. I’m also looking for another alternative to earning quartz.

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