Earn Quartz For Playing This Weekend!

For This Weekend Only, all active players will be rewarded nether quartz (currency) for active play (afking will not count).


Pay rates have been adjusted to pay out 30 Nether Quartz per 30 minutes of play. So get to building!.. or mining!… or whatever it is you do!

If you haven’t yet heard, Nether Quartz are our new currency on the server. You can use Quartz to trade with players, purchase resources from our Currency Shop at Port Orange, or purchase more land with Towny.

The Port Orange Redux Competition!

Hello everyone, I am very pleased to announce..

The Port Orange Redux Competition!

Begins December 1st

Port Orange Redux Guideline:

(note: this is not a strict guideline, it includes personal & community requests)

  • The Competition begins on December 1st, and will run through the weekend and the entire month of december. No rush! The competition will end when we feel like everyone’s had a good go.
  • Try to follow the original blueprint of port orange to retain its identity, as port orange is in many ways a historical landmark on our server. A combination of old and new is desired.
  • Certain buildings & attractions shouldn’t be completely demolished. Such as the serpents den & the bath house.
  • The bath house needs a new entrance, preferably in a new building.
  • the mall could use work on its design, make it look nicer, and not simply functional.
  • old tall trees need to be cut down. newer nicer looking trees added.
  • improved roads, realign/redesign signs and light placements?
  • derelict buildings removed or repaired, or given new function.
  • beaches and grassy areas fixed up.
  • a new portal room/chamber would be very much appreciated! a portal room/chamber will eventually contain portals to new maps, such as a creative world. This would be highly regarded if implemented well
  • keep new players in mind – first impressions are important and so is accessibility to new players. Spawn should be in-depth if seeked out, but should also offer the most important basics first and foremost.
  • A new, up-to-date server guide would be highly regarded.

The Prizes:

1st Place $30USD, 1000 Quarts, Legendary Sword.

2nd Place – 1000 Quartz, Legendary Helmet.

3rd Place – 500 Quartz, Legendary Boots.

Runner Ups – 200 Quartz. (for participating)

Prizes are awarded to the owner of the portal only. It is up to you how to distribute among your faction & friends.

Regarding The Recent Downtime

UPDATE!: The subdomain (theancientworld.mcph.co) will update to the new node within 24 hours. In the meantime, you can connect to the server IP


I apologize for the recent downtime and crashes of the server. The crashing problem was being caused by an overloaded server node. Our server host is putting our server through a transfer process, I’m sorry that the server went down today to do this as they weren’t clear on when they’d begin this process. I’ll update you all on the discord when I can.


Towny is ON!

The implementation of Towny on the server has begun!

Note: Towny is NOT replacing Factions for the time being.


To create a new town, you will need 500 Nether Quartz. Use the command

/town new [town name] [mayors name]

Nether Quartz will be automatically deducted from your inventory.

Your next step should be creating a town vault, where you will need to store Nether Quartz to further expand your claim. Place a sign on or above a chest and type [town vault] on the top line. You can now deposit Nether Quartz into your town vault anytime with the command /town deposit [amount]


Now you’re ready to start claiming. Use the command /town claim to begin claiming. If you set up your town vault correctly, it should deduct 25 Quartz per chunk that you claim.

For a full guide on how Towny works, see the Wiki.

The current upkeep on towns is 5 Nether Quartz per chunk per day. What this means is the larger your town, the more upkeep you will need to pay to keep your town falling into ruin. You can earn more Quartz by trading in resources at the Currency Shop at Port Orange, killing zombies & skeletons, fighting rifts, or running your own store at the Port Orange Mall & Port Orange Market

You may also rent out plots in your town to players, and set taxes. This way every resident of your town will contribute to the upkeep of your town. Cooperative gameplay is the key to a successful town in Towny.

World Repairs Part 1 – Biome Restoration

Work has started to restore Biomes all over The Ancient World. Deserts are now deserts again, snow mountains are snow mountains, and beaches are beaches.


A large portion of this work has been done on Orrostar, the continents, and some mainland.

If you notice anything strange, please report it!

Port Orange Mall =Now Open=

The interior of the Pale Dragon Inn at Port Orange has been refurbished into a new community mall!


There are 8 spaces available. Simply right click a sign on one of the spaces to begin your rental. The starting price for a space is 3 Quartz per day, and you can pay in advance however long you like.


There’s no rules to what you can open here, or how you’d like to present it. Shop? Bar? Something else? Build your space in any way you need.


Port Orange Bank & Currency Shop!

Today the Port Orange Currency Exchange has been converted into a Bank & Currency Shop.


The building now offers banking services where you can store your items, currency, and even XP.


Take a short stroll into the room next door to find the new Currency Shop, where you can trade in your resources for more Quartz or buy the things you need.