Age of Continents 2 Proposition

Hello everyone,


I am making this post to make a little clearer my future plans for The Ancient World and the new age, which is likely going to be Age of Continents 2.

The Continents & Orrostar are currently open for travel & building.¬†Anyone can build there or repair old builds. The continents also have full permissions except for Dagon Fel, which remains world guarded as it’s the most historic.

The long term plan is an Age of Continents 2, so this could mean Port Orange as spawn. So maybe use this time to establish a base or settlement on one of the continents so when AOC2 hits, you’ll already be established there. Remember; during age of continents, the mainland is closed off.

Orrostar will likely be closed during the new age so I suggest not choosing it as your new home!

There’s no current release schedule or date for this new age. It’s something I believe will happen in the future but not anytime soon. So there is no hurry to get settled with a base on a continent. Make it a long term goal!

The new age will include some of the following;

  • working travel system with ships
  • port orange spawn
  • currency system is possibility with rentals at port orange spawn
  • old continents playable, as well as new continents added afterwards
  • old mainland and orrostar closed

Thank you,