Ironheart Plots Up For Grabs!

We now have a plugin on The Ancient World called AreaShops. This means full automatic plot rental in the city of Ironheart!


Right now there are 5 plots up for rent in the upper city area. Prices have been set & the currency is emeralds, although this is planned to change to something like netherquartz. Fair warning – currency item & value may be altered in the near future as we’re very early in. I’m also planning on adding a chest shop plugin so you can create shops out of your plots!

The system works very effectively – you simply right click a plot sign while you have currency in your inventory and you can stack days. Simple! No admin intervention required like in the past.


A currency exchange building is under reconstruction as well, which will allow trading other resources for currency. For example; diamond, iron, and gold. Coming soon!