The New Continent (Preview)

Hello everyone,

In progress is a brand new 1.9 continent not unlike continents we’ve had in the past (Bal Fel, Dagon Fel, etc). Currently, it is in its early stages while our small team works on it to bring it its own theme and history.

(the continent in it’s most basic form)stttttt







Primarily, the focus for this age will be PVP and some PVE. PVP in the form of stunted Factions (lower power levels/higher death penalty), and PVE in the form of Mob Zones and possibly hordes of monsters.

Other themes may include everlasting/prolonged night cycle, harsh weather conditions, and a snowy landscape dotted with decrepit ruins and dungeons. You could call this a mini age of darkness on an island.

(snowy landscape is still a WIP)


Details of a release date should come soon. Our plan is to have a solid release date, close the server down for a week or so prior for preparations, and have a countdown timer on our website for an explosive release 😉