Ironheart Plots Up For Grabs!

We now have a plugin on The Ancient World called AreaShops. This means full automatic plot rental in the city of Ironheart!


Right now there are 5 plots up for rent in the upper city area. Prices have been set & the currency is emeralds, although this is planned to change to something like netherquartz. Fair warning – currency item & value may be altered in the near future as we’re very early in. I’m also planning on adding a chest shop plugin so you can create shops out of your plots!

The system works very effectively – you simply right click a plot sign while you have currency in your inventory and you can stack days. Simple! No admin intervention required like in the past.


A currency exchange building is under reconstruction as well, which will allow trading other resources for currency. For example; diamond, iron, and gold. Coming soon!

Out With Lockette, In With Pick Locks

Hello everyone,


Today I have come across a plugin called Pick Locked Items. This plugin allows the locking of chests much the same as lockette, except there is a resource cost to do so, and chests can be lockpicked provided the lock is made weak enough and the player skilled enough.

A problem we’ve had on the server is the ability to claim any chest in the world with a simple sign, without a cost or limit and no weaknesses – this makes raiding & looting old ruins just impossible and disappointing.

So, going forward, I’d like to set a date. On April 16th lockette will be removed from The Ancient World and be limited to The New World only.

Use the time you have to move your valuables within your faction claims, and to read up/watch tutorials on the new potential plugin.

Thank you all!


The Catgroove (Minecraft Short Film)

Tonybuttface Productions visited The Ancient World yesterday to record a new Minecraft short filmed titled “The Catgroove”, starring members from our very own community. Below you can view some screenshots of the event, a behind the scenes video, and finally the complete video itself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you very much to the following players for their contribution to the project!

Tobimeller, Stormin_Morman, Doylinator, Meal, Cavedweller, Janpan, FroggyDeluxe, Geza, Ayleids, Osumaru, daniel0410, uonheinrich, Charty, PolarBear_Laila.


(Video) Home & Server Update!

Hey everyone,

Below is my latest update video about my home on TAW, the mansion (or the farm, the estate, or the castle).

The Mansion is one of my oldest projects on TAW going back 5 years to the early Beta days. There have been many changes since then, and plenty more changes since the last time I did an update video. So here you go! Enjoy! 🙂

A New Evil?


Something unexpected appeared today on the continent of Blue Peaks. Something familiar, but not quite. Aqua, shard like blocks formed themselves in the Icy lakes of the region and spread outwards, spewing out creatures of unknown origin. Before retreating, responding fighters reported actually being lifted and thrown telekinetically. Video was captured of the event. Viewer discretion is advised – some may find this footage disturbing.