TNW – Server Downtime this weekend – moving home..

I’m going away this weekend and will be back around the 21st (thursday next week). Seeing as there’ll be nobody to watch over the server during that period, the server will need to be closed until I get back.


Have a good weekend, I hope to see you all again as soon as possible!

TNW – Missing Wealth


Lignumn, the Arroyo General store merchant, is offering a reward for his lost shipment of diamond blocks, which went missing somewhere over The New World..


Two locations have already been discovered by players, full of the riches of the old world. But still there’s half left to be found! Help us find these forbidden riches and restore balance and order to our new world.



The New World -Balance Changes-


I’ve made some changes to the map and gameplay to bring more theme and simplicity to our new medieval world.

  • Enchanting has been disabled on armors and weapons. Tools may still be enchanted!
  • Reduced Diamond Ores on the map. To compensate for lower resources, skeletons have small chance of dropping iron and zombies drop leather. Other goodies have rare chance
  • Reduced server render distance from 15 to 10 to decrease server load and lag.

And of course, a buff to hostile mobs for less survivability in dangerous areas. Bring your iron armor!

  • Buffed zombie toughness by 100% (20 health to 40)