New Continent Forming

continentgreen drakortha I have returned to handcraft the new peaceful continent. This continent will be peaceful, with no PVP.

  • 2014-05-27_02.15.45 I’m happy with the way the cliffs turned out. Also, you can see my blueprints for trees below. 2014-05-27_02.53.13 Oh look, somebody has raped it already (hadn’t put in the white-list yet) 2014-05-27_02.15.39 The two first trees. Do you understand their message? 2014-05-27_03.58.31 2014-05-27_03.57.22 The first monster mountain. To me, it looks like a zombie crawling towards me, one hand in-front of the other. 2014-05-27_04.01.19   Blueprint of the first forest is coming together. 2014-05-27_04.24.18 More detail and more mob-zones to come soon.

9 thoughts on “New Continent Forming

  1. I greatly approve of an island that I can actually let my ideas flow and not have to constantly watch my back.

  2. I’m boycotting this server, or at least until this war bullshit stops. We can’t even ‘prove’ ourselves to you because there’s literally nothing a new/normal player can do. There’s no food AT ALL, all available livestock are dead. You get killed by pricks as soon as you try to gather some resources. I don’t think this peaceful area idea will work.

    And while this shit is going on, you’re praising all the people who started this war like heroes. Us normal players are just trying to get along, exploring/building in a friendly manner, while these people walk right up to us and destroy everything we try to make.

  3. I think the server would benefit from a few weeks of the entire server being peaceful. The stupid “war” being fought leaks down onto the players that don’t partake in it. I have been killed on more than one occasion with the reason of “being a spy.” The attitude of these players is really quite disgusting and there should be a few weeks of “time out” for a change. All of these blood hungry “PvPers” have been getting age after age that benefits them, let’s shift the focus to building and creating instead of destroying and holding grudges.

  4. Coming from one of the sides of the war, I see that both sides have slaughtered innocents because they are supposed “spies” and what you have to do is go make your own faction, claim, make a farm and stay away from the war as much as you can. The war won’t end until either a week of timeout is put into place or one side decides to back off. Let me also be clear in saying that no side in this is willing to back off.

  5. I haven’t been able to get onto the server since it re-opened. I’m told the server is running MC 1.3, but when I try to log in I get “end of stream” :/

  6. I’ve been living peaceful for nearly two weeks and I haven’t had any trouble from anyone. The secret is to build an cute house with a lil farm and just ignore all of the shit.

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