War’s undead zombie raiding party attacks mortal settlements!

With mass worship of War, a raiding party of undead war minions entered the mortal realm. Members of War’s personal legion raided his primary worshipers to test their strength and skill. The fighting at each of the mortal bases did not stop until the zombie raiding party commander was murdered.

((VoxNihili fighting against the zombie raiding party.))


 After two of the zombie raiding party commanders were killed the mortals had to exterminate the last of the commanders at the Voskan base.  Mortals from both Crusaders and VoxNihili teamed up to assist their enemy, Voska, hold off the zombie raiding party’s main attack right outside their base in an attempt for bring the war to an end.

((Crusaders fighting off zombie raiding party))


With the little strength she had left due to the prolonged war, the Goddess of Peace makes an appearance to the mortals and assists them fight off the zombie raiding party. 

((Zombie raiding party commander among his numerous undead soldiers))