Newly founded village of Decus!


Newly founded village of Decus!

Through a meeting between Shimmermist refugees (saplings) and the Lord of Euloria, the first official village in ages has been founded.

The meeting took place in the lands of Euloria. The guests were escorted through the great halls and were greeted by a great feast.


A flag, a banner, and a title was decided. “Decus”, pronounced deck-us, would be the first village to be formed in the light. The future looks very bright indeed!

( and while I got you reading this, have some shire & the first rift 🙂 )





Undead pushed underground, Shimmermist overrun.


Undead pushed underground, Shimmermist overrun.

In the Undeads scramble from the surface in search of someplace dark and secluded, they set their sight on the large underground city of Shimmermist, which was going through a war conflict at the time.

Without the manpower to fight both their enemy and the Undead, the city buckled under the weight.

Terth Defeated on Mainland, Light Has Returned!



Light Has Returned! Pushing Terth back to his domain of Orrostar,

Underground survivors of Blue Peaks deflected Terth’s final judgement, the Megarift of the North, returning light to the land and cleansing it of Undead. Terth returns to his domain on Orrostar, where he continues to linger.

Underground dwellers can now burst up from underground as Saplings! From here, it will take some time for all the frost & ice to dissolve and for life to return to the dead land. In the meantime, we must keep our attention to the islands to the North, as that is where our common enemy resides.

In the future we can look forward to some of the following possibilities:

  • implementation of Towny and an economy system
  • implementation of some kind of ranking system, Mcmmo?
  • deadly mobs lingering deep underground only
  • a new travel system network
  • the opening of old continents, and potentially new ones
  • the opportunity to fight Terth off of Orrostar, then continuing the engagement onto his last foot hole on Dagon Fel (the red volcano)

Conquest + Mcpatcher at


Conquest + Mcpatcher at

Being difficult to find, I’ve included a download button on for both Conquest texture pack and a mcpatcher.exe. Use mcpatcher first before installing the resource pack. I’ve wrote up some simple instructions, which I’ve included in the download.

In the future I will keep this link updated with any future resource packs & mods we use.