The Great Coastal Road

The Great Coastal Road

Constructed by the Eulorians, The Great Coastal Road connects the 2 most prevalent settlements on TAW at this time – Aduro & Torchlight.

(with conquest textures)


(now with Isabella texture pack. See, what’d I tell ya about those washed out colors? :P)


With the road completed, the respawn has been set to a new Gazebo just outside the city of Aduro. We hope this more “in-world” spawn will entice people to RP more because of the added immersion, and to bring more traffic to an already established city! So, how about a few drinks at the local tavern to celebrate?


(( annnd, here’s the new spawn with Isabella 🙂 I like it a lot! ))




6 thoughts on “The Great Coastal Road

    • The original road collapsed a long time ago, it would take some work to resurrect it. Also, the long road connected to the once populated Ironhammer, which is no more.

      With that said, it certainly is possible. I just don’t see any reason to besides nostalgia maybe?

      • Well the original long road could be hooked up to the coastal road from blue peaks dock, it could be hooked back up with all of its off ramps and allow for easy travel around the blue peaks and into molten valley. It makes a lot of sense to start reestablishing easy travel around the world without use of portals. I personally rebuilt the road connecting Ironhammer to the Nightguard tower.

      • The road also can be expanded to cross the ocean to the continents and orrostar whenever you decide to open them.

  1. I don’t really like how that road comes into my island…floating in the air? and wouldn’t it make more sense to come in with the bridge from the closest shore from the mainland?

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