Texture Pack Showcase: Isabella!

Texture Pack Showcase: Isabella!

A texture pack I’ve used personally many times – Isabella is a unique 16×16 texture pack, with a 1.6.4 release.

Having been through Dokucraft, Ovo’s, John Smith & Conquest, whats so great about this pack? Well, first of all it’s 16×16 so it’s better for those of you who might have slower machines. Also, it’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing graphics are easy on the eyes.

For this age, I particularly like the grey skies and the washed out colors. I also set my view distance to medium to bring the fog in closer, and turned off clouds. So I recommend this pack as an alternative to the usual Conquest/John Smith we use.

Here’s the link to the texture pack, along with a few more screenshots of my own.


(texture pack does not include falling cow)





Ruins look pretty good too!