Terth Defeated on Mainland, Light Has Returned!


Light Has Returned! Pushing Terth back to his domain of Orrostar,

Underground survivors of Blue Peaks deflected Terth’s final judgement, the Megarift of the North, returning light to the land and cleansing it of Undead. Terth returns to his domain on Orrostar, where he continues to linger.

Underground dwellers can now burst up from underground as Saplings! From here, it will take some time for all the frost & ice to dissolve and for life to return to the dead land. In the meantime, we must keep our attention to the islands to the North, as that is where our common enemy resides.

In the future we can look forward to some of the following possibilities:

  • implementation of Towny and an economy system
  • implementation of some kind of ranking system, Mcmmo?
  • deadly mobs lingering deep underground only
  • a new travel system network
  • the opening of old continents, and potentially new ones
  • the opportunity to fight Terth off of Orrostar, then continuing the engagement onto his last foot hole on Dagon Fel (the red volcano)

3 thoughts on “Terth Defeated on Mainland, Light Has Returned!

  1. Mcmmo is a bit too op, you can get diamonds from gravel and one shot people in prot iv while unarmed, if you add it I think you should disable the higher up things

    • To be honest I would not like to see Mcmmo, I’d rather have things such as NPC bandits and econ and chestshops first. New continents and the old ones however sound really really kick-ass.

  2. The economy plugin should be gold based – You have to have the gold in your inventory. Also Ports.

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