Eulorian currency streaming down

Eulorian currency streaming down

Lord Drak of Euloria is offering it’s currency to the survivors in hopes that it will keep the light growing. Resources will be allowed to be traded in for currency (iron, gold, diamond). From there you can use your currency to purchase land deeds with Towny.

Euloria is a land of purity. It has escaped every apocalypse unscathed and has sat and watched the world crumble many times over, yet it still remains, timeless. It’s source of power comes from it’s unity with the divines and the land itself. In Euloria it is a custom to live with the land, not rule over it. Temples in honor to the world and creation are inspired & built by Eulorians, even if they don’t know it’s in their ancestry.

The Eulorian flag signifies the earth, the darkness, and the light inside us.