6 thoughts on “Nether beasts have been seen pouring out of the tear in the earth

    • Agreed, opping someone because they “know a bit about plugins” is rather silly, Concrete was opped for the same reason in the past and he proved to be a near-worthless admin.

      Gackel is below Concrete-tier; he continues to log into the game using some name-scramble thing on the player-list which triggers my autism and makes me fee like I am playing some “kewl call of duty modded mw2 lobby msg me 4 10 prestige.”

      I’ll give it less than a week before he starts tp’ing to players and just flying around them breaking any ‘immersion’ the player might’ve had. If you feel like you need more ops then Deadlymonty or Ramirez would’ve been better choices.

      • He’s actually already been doing this, and he joined our clan and changed around player roles

    • The Tavern is one thing, but for a player heavily involved in pvp to be op is broken. And taking away his pvp ability doesn’t do shit. On my server I had to ban him on 2 different alts to keep him from exploiting his trapped main in a hole. And even if you carefully guarded his ip, he’d still feed his fanny pals information on people he didn’t like.

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