March 13th Update!

March 13th Update!

Hi everyone!

Some bullet points about the new age. There’s been some changes!

  • running on minecraft 1.6.4
  • local chat is set to a 60 block radius.
  • always night, always snowing, surface layer infested with undead.
  • /tell deactivated.
  • only 2 “warps” are available to players. /spawn & /bed     ((/bed returns you to the last bed you slept in).
  • no join messages, no form of global chat.
  • simpleclans removed! not using an alternative. This is the darkness, there are only survivors.
  • large portion of the map accessible with a few areas protected. subject to change as the age goes along.
  • each player can use up to 2 diamond blocks to protect their builds, each block creates a 6×6 protective barrier around it. combine your blocks with other players for more protection.

Remember to watch our countdown timer!


12 thoughts on “March 13th Update!

  1. Eh, 6×6 protection area seems pretty small, considering a simple shack is usually around 9×9.

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