March 8th Update!

The weekend is here and so is another update!


Around this time in 1 week the opening will be here and everyone will be plunged into The Darkness for the first time. After a few moments to orient yourself, you’ll realize you are in a dark, rotting dungeon deep underground. This is the Heart Chamber and it’s where your tale begins.


Walking out onto the heated platforms, you’ll come to a crossroad. The server guide will be available as well as a surface exit. In the center is some kind of ancient portal which hasn’t seen use in many ages, it’s secrets waiting to be discovered.


Itching to get exploring, you pull yourself up the sharp rocks towards the surface and find yourself inside the Spire of Ray-Umin, right at the edge of the Blue Peaks coast. You dive into the water and swim towards land..

Hardcore survival

No /home or /warp commands, only /spawn on a cooldown & warmup. (you can set a /home, but you can only warp there on death) Limited visibility on the surface (blindness) is also possible, depending on both feedback and if the plugin functions correctly.

Only the soulless wander the surface world..


The skies are dark and the air thick with the chill of death. You try to shout out to someone on the horizon but your throat only shivers and lets out a painful cry – you are too weak to communicate further than a few meters.

More time goes by.. it’s been days, you’re sure of it. You’ve not seen the sunrise.. just darkness and soulless bodies wandering the surface world. What happened here? What could the people of this world done to bring on this evil?

Simple Clans & Precious Stones

Ok, let’s jump out of that little RP now for this 🙂

2 plugins I’m looking at for this age are a Simple Clans & Precious Stones combination. These plugins are already configured and ready to go for the launch – but it’s not too late to collect some of your feedback and possibly change things or even revert back to a Factions setup. I’d appreciate it if some of you guys took a gander at their respective wiki’s and provided some of your input in a comment or email.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more updates, and have a good weekend!

7 thoughts on “March 8th Update!

  1. I would like the chat thing if you could make it where you had to be close to people on the surface but when your underground you voice travels more. Last age it was like playing single player for people who lived far from the nearest town

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding the PreciousStones, why are they needed/what are they supposed to add?

  3. I really like the clans plugin, maybe you could make a quick tutorial video for the server on the precious stones one so the players know how to use it

    • I’ll have to learn it a bit better before I can do that. Good suggestion though – I will, at the least, make a tutorial on how to get out of spawn and what the age is about, etc.

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