February 22nd Update!


Hi everyone!

First of all, I apologize for pretty much falling off the face of the planet these past couple months. I haven’t been working on the server during this time but it has still remained in my thoughts.

I’m just going to be humble here with this post so don’t expect any cinematic screenshots or entertaining stories. Just plain information!

I have been thinking about the server more and more as of late and I’ll soon take those first few steps to get it running again. It won’t take long really, I could have the server set up in a weekend if it needed to be (really depends on plugin usage though). But before I commit to any kind of “age” or “theme” for the opening I wanted to consult with you guys first.

What would you like to see from the TAW when it reopens?

I have a few ideas floating around. The Darkness I previewed earlier is the only fully realized idea I have right now, but I could easily move things in any direction. I also thought about doing just plain ol’ factions and opening the whole map again. Though I don’t know what the result of that would be – maybe griefing and looting old bases. I’ll wait to hear what you guys think about that idea.

As for any further discussion you are all welcome to add me on Skype. I should be able to answer your question in either text, voice, or video. Hit me up; drakorthap

Besides that you can also find updates on my Youtube channel Drakortha. I occasionally post Machinima here and also any large announcements regarding the server (such as the opening). Subscribing there is a good way to keep up to date on big news like that.

And finally my email is public for all to use; drakorthaproductions@gmail.com

If you decide to contact me I appreciate any information you can provide me such as your Minecraft username. On Skype I like to keep in contact with the players and I’m online most days/nights at the moment.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “February 22nd Update!

  1. It’d be cool to see sort of an alternative history of Orrostar, where Terth defeated the mortals and people now live under his rule completely. This could also open up the old lands for people to build up armies to fight Terth where his power has the most influence. This could also open up for more community based events where people organize attacks where Terths power is weaker so they can eventually reclaim most of the landmass back.

  2. Personally I loved the Towny system keeping everyone close together, I loved the communities it made, I did miss faction pvp but I know it’s more trouble than what it’s worth to admins. I didn’t really enjoy the souls currency but it did hold a pretty good and stable economy unlike others in the past. I like the idea of looting old bases but then comes the problem of no loot left over. As for the theme or age I would recommend starting off soft so players can get supplies but also have some good RP so people will stick around, then you can go the more hardcore route as you’ve done in the past. All in all this is just my opinion and can be used or not.

  3. I would really like to see The Darkness, and live underground. And be scared and cri so muk naow. ( 😀 )
    But please bring the server back 😀

  4. I’d like to see the server up again, and what I want to see is a civil war tearing the land in two.
    Somewhat similar to the American Civil War or The fictional war of the helgast and the humans.

  5. I would love another dark age, but one similar to the age of undead, I liked the fact that the zombies could break into your base and kill you at any moment. I would also like for us to have factions back, towny didn’t allow for many wars. The new age could be on orrostar, I feel that it is too under developed and needs some more player built structures. Whatever you do, I will be there

  6. I like the idea of The Darkness with McMMO. Everyone will be back to play in some way or another.

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