The Darkness – New Information!

G’day Everyone,

First, I want to thank everyone for showing so much interest in this age. The emails and other responses I’ve been getting have been overwhelming – almost to a fault. Generally I’m used to an active server community of around 50 players. But right now it looks like it could be much much higher if we allowed it to be.

In this post I want to clear up a few things in the form of an FAQ. So without further ado..

Will this be a brand new map we can explore and generate endlessly?
Nope! The Darkness will be a brand new age using the old “Ancient World” map, which has been through various ages over the past 3 years. In this age I’m centering it all in the region of Blue Peaks. You can view the entire world map HERE.

Blue Peaks has a long history dating back to the earliest ages on the server. One age in particular, the “Age of Darkness”, occurred in this region in mid 2012. At this time the players were struggling against huge undead armies. In the end the players were overwhelmed and all died in the spawn city Ironhammer, which is now a ruin open for plundering and exploration.

UPDATE: Here’s a quick thing I drew up using paint. I’ve marked out where the border will go in relation to the centralized spawn chamber. Players will not be able to cross this border.

When will the age begin, whats the IP, and will there be a whitelist?
The age will begin sometime in December. Once I’m confident I’ll post an exact date to the very minute, and will have a countdown timer leading up to it so as many people can jump in at the same time as possible. Currently the IP is, and I don’t plan to change it. As for a whitelist – Nope! At the start everyone will be welcome to come play. A whitelist may be added later, though.

What’s the goal of the age?
Most ages I introduce some kind of power struggle or goal for the players to pursue. The Darkness will be different, as it will be completely sandbox survival.. at least at the start. I have a tendency to introduce story elements later as they may become necessary. In the meantime just try to survive and get along with others. Or don’t!

Can we pay for certain privileges?
NOPE! Absolutely not. I do this for my own enjoyment. I’m happy to cover all the server fees myself month after month. You are welcome to donate, however, if you’d like to help out. I just don’t believe donating for some kind of benefit is true generosity 🙂

Can we have a few more gameplay details?
Sure, why not? Here are a few things from the top of my head;

  • Undead spawn rates on the surface are quadrupled.
  • When you come into contact with the surface cold, you are blinded and begin to freeze to death.
  • Spawn will be a centralized location deep underground (think the heart room in dungeon keeper). From here there will be multiple tunnels where players can begin branching off from. I’m hoping most players will congregate around this location at times. We will likely have a community tavern at this location as well.
  • You can’t eat rotten flesh (it’s in abundance. If it was edible hunger would be too easy to fill up). Passive mobs no longer spawn on the surface either. Main sources of food will likely be underground wheat farms.
  • The playable area will be the entire Blue Peak region + mirroring the ocean north of it (so 2x underground space with 1x surface space)
  • No block protection such as lockett, Factions, or Towny. Prepare your anus.
  • You will be given a starter kit on first join. After that you are on your own.

More to come soon!

17 thoughts on “The Darkness – New Information!

  1. I think there should an armor that protects the player from the weather, like full leather makes the player last longer on the surface (only like 1 min) and full iron armor and a gold helmet could be like a space suit and triple the time the player can stay on the surface but also deteriorates quicker than normal and is also incredibly rare to find and will only work if the armor isn’t player crafted.and is only found in specific locations.

  2. Will mobs be able to find you or will player made bases be completely untouchable to mobs, like digging zombies/Creepers exploding if they can`t get a path in order to tunnel towards you.

      • I think that below ground should be room for PVP and the like. Above ground really needs to have some good reasons to go up there and face the hordes, certainly there are ruins, but eventually they will run out of goodies.

  3. I can see this being a beautiful age all in all. We will be forced to make underground cities and even massive underground roadways.

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