The Darkness – A new way to play, or just another age?

What if the surface world of Minecraft was so apocalyptic and infested with undead you were forced to do all your exploration and building deep deep underground like the Dwarves? You and other players would dig your own tunnels for transportation and sometimes you’d uncover old cities and bases which had been hidden for a long time (these could be randomly generated or player made through multiplayer). You could work together with other players to build your own fortresses and cities for survival while occasionally visiting the surface world for challenging rewards.

The closer you move to the surface, the more dangerous it becomes as monsters can smell your presence and dig through blocks to reach you. Monsters are also stronger than their default counterparts.

Torches will eventually die out after a short time underground because of the lack of air. The only reliable forms of light are redstone lamps, glowstone, or lit netherrack. These resources can be found as treasures in many of the ruins spread out around the map. You need to explore and fight through these ruins to acquire such treasures.

The surface itself is in a constant blizzard under night. The sun can no longer make it’s way through the thick clouds, so the world is in a constant state of darkess. The blizzard also blinds you, making it almost impossible to navigate on the surface. You and other players must create your own world deep underground like the Dwarves if you hope to expand and survive.

(Blinded by the blizzard)

Like all ages I have created in the past, The Darkness is highly experimental. I’m hoping such a gamemode can be both fun and rewarding to play and also be worth it for the social experience of surviving a harsh world with other players. Could such a world bring players closer together than ever before? One can dream.. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Darkness – A new way to play, or just another age?

  1. Hmm my computer breaks and when I come back we get a new AOD? I think my computer needs to break more:p. Seriously though drak, this looks amazing.

  2. Can’t wait! Been waiting for an age like this! (Im probably gonna die alot cause of sucky computer
    :/) but anyways can’t wait!

  3. Since years of being underground player should have better mining and eyes that can see in the dark because we basically livied like dwarfs.

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