New Map Render + My 7 day absence (News..)

It’s the 7th of October and the new map render is here. I’ve made the effort to bring back all the old markers in this revision. I’m also happy to take any new marker submissions for the next map render. If there’s a place you want marked on the map, just post the name and it’s X, Y, Z into the comments of this post.

In other news; I’m leaving my city from the 10th to the 17th of October. During this time I will have zero presence on the server, but I will have someone watching over the service itself to make sure there are no crashes and that uptime is kept 24/7. Unfortunately this also means there will be no significant progression of the Orrostar story, but I also feel that some peace & quiet is needed after last weeks events.

The most latest map render can be found HERE