Terth defeated by the Orrostar Mortals! (News)

2013-10-05_18.47.01After a long grueling week of destruction, Terth was finally purged by the mortals of Orrostar. He has now returned to his domain, the continents, where he will contemplate for ages..


The battle began in the New Shady Sands region, where his powerful rift emerged. The city of Iron Hand was lost during this initial stage and then buried under tons of sand. Aftewards, the rift spread over a vast distance, where it finally climbed over the mountains and right on top of Archwind. It was here that the mortals mounted their defensive and offensive maneuvers. Many soldiers held the walls from waves and waves of undead, while others made a desperate dash for Terth’s heart which had formed in the ruins of Trinity Reach.


Terth’s heart was destroyed long before Archwind became beyond saving, meaning it was a crushing defeat for the lord of destruction, Terth, who underestimated the bravery and strength of Orrostar.

2013-10-05_08.30.25RP aside, I would like to thank everyone who showed up to participate in this event. Not only does it prove just how strong our community is, but also proves that Orrostar is a region worth fighting for, and deserves another chance at a peaceful age. We peaked at 40/40 players, which is more than Orrostar’s opening where we reached 38/40. Thanks guys!

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  1. Thank you drak for this event. It was beautiful. Even if it did have some errors. 10/10

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