Valley of the Winds Destroyed By Rift! (News)

A huge Rift forced it’s way into our realm today on the continent of Nautilus Taber. Massive damage was caused to the region, including the old settlement called Valley of the Winds which was mostly destroyed

The Rift, made from soulsand, had a total of 3 cores. Many mortals showed up to fight the rift and were able to kill it before it was able to form more cores.

Unlike Netherrack rifts (which turn to sand and collapse on death), soulsand rifts solidify into stone, like capturing that moment in time. Glowstone & other rare materials can usually still be found on these stone structures which were once rifts.

(The solidified remains of a Soulsand Rift)

(The collapsed remains of a Netherrack Rift)


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  1. Just an FYI, I will be buying netherrack and soulsand by the stack from these, just tell me what you want in exchange.

  2. Hiya, I try using the IP to connect, but my MC client says it can’t resolve the hostname. Is it actually up or am I doing something wrong?

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