Simple Times (Story)

We’ve all heard about the peaceful times of the shire, the dark age where mortals took shelter from the cold in the iron door tavern, and the many wars with the undead. But not much is said about the simple times of Dagon Fel. Actually, I believe this time period is almost completely forgotten, which is a shame. You should never forgot your roots!

When the dark age ended and all was lost a fleeing vessel shipwrecked on the beach of Dagon Fel. The surviving mortals had no home to go back to, so they did the only thing they could do – begin again.

The first settlement was necropolis. It settled itself right off the beach in full view of the shipwreck. Necropolis suffered from constant bandit raids during it’s few weeks of life, and eventually died off and became a zombie infested ruin.

It wasn’t long before the old faction “the fleet” made their mark on Dagon Fel. They continued their tradition by starting a brand new tavern where mortals could gather for a pint & share Ancient World stories.

Growing in popularity, the tavern eventually became the capital location on Dagon Fel. Mortals would use the location to trade, meet other mortals, and hold events. The christmas party of 2012 was held here.

But these simple times did not come without it’s own conflicts. Different groups of mortals had conflicting goals & beliefs, and this caused many skirmishes to erupt. The early days of Dagon Fel were full of bloodshed and banditry.

And who could forget creeper canyon? 😉

All in all, the early days of Dagon Fel were both brutal yet simple. These mortals are our ancestors, and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here today.

The time had finally arrived. The Dagon Fel mortals were looking to the horizon – searching for new land to settle on to call home. This is where it all began!

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  1. “Different groups of mortals had conflicting goals & beliefs, and this caused many skirmishes to erupt.”
    Pfft, I mean there were a FEW days were the Alliance and Lemar weren’t at each other’s throats, right?

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