The results are in! (Poll)


The votes were cast and the results are here. It seems we almost have a draw between full enabled enchants vs no combat enchants with tool enchants.

However, it may be important to note that I did disregard option 3 in my original blog entry, saying that only option 1 & 2 were valid. This most likely gave some voters the impression they could only choose between disabled & enabled enchants. I believe if I didn’t leave that note there even more players would have voted for option 3.

I’ve already made several necessary changes in-game to bar players from creating any new combat enchants. I’m open to all feedback about this change and I would like to hear your experience with it.

15 thoughts on “The results are in! (Poll)

  1. I talked to a lot of people in-game about what they voted for and what I noticed was that people who said they “didn’t care” all voted for option 3.

    It seems there are many people who feel strongly that enchanting should be left alone and there are very few people who feel strongly that it should be eliminated.

    The players want to be able to do what they want and not have their choices restricted.

  2. I understand why you want to remove pvp enchants, but im not so sure its necessary. Ive never benefited from pvp, only suffered. I could care more or less about armor, but i do love my swords. I treat them as history, each having faced time in combat, with their own story. If they are just unenchanted items i feel like it loses some of the importance. All in all though, i only really care about the tools.

    • Oh excellent! I was going to suggest this, but you seemed hesitant to get into the modding of it, and I thought you wouldn’t go for it.

      The highest level combat enchants are absolutely ridiculous. Anything that allows you to murder someone in one strike is certainly overpowered. I see it though that persons who have been better established on the server and can make an enchanting table should have some way of advancing their power beyond a basic diamond sword, since two diamonds are not hard to obtain. There is also the strategy involved in some of the other combat enchants (fire, knockback). I say definitely nerf it, but don’t cut out completely.

  3. then you get to the problem that is anvils. Most big-time pvpers enchant books at level 1, then combine the,m. Are you going to restrict anvils too? and would the high level enchant restriction only be on pvp gear? because i always enchant tools at level 30, and i would be sad.

  4. I am absolutely not a fan of this solution. Id prefer to keep it as we have it now, with tools being the only thing allowed.

  5. When I play Minecraft survival in the Ancient Lands it’s as if I’m still playing beta. I don’t have enchanting, potions, enderchests, or any other of those luxuries. Honestly I would feel like I was cheating if I mined a diamond block and got 3+ diamonds out of it. But once you try a luxury once you can’t go back, right? 😉

  6. Enchantments have been a part of minecraft for almost a year now. I’ve been a regular player since late alpha, and i never stopped. When a new update is implemented, i do not see the things added in those updates as “luxuries”. New things added to the game seem more like goals to me. You always have a goal to get better gear, to get new gear, and to stay geared. They are more a part of a game than an occasional thing. I see a situation similar to this happening:

    “when i used to play during early beta, i only used short render distance. I move that all render distances should be blocked on the server, because anything more is luxury, and it gives an unfair advantage to those using far because they can detect others at greater distances.”

    Sorry if that seems rude, but just because i used to have a shit computer i wont play like that. it is an improvement, and one im glad to have.

  7. I would like to make 5-10 the new max enchanting level. This will bring all new enchants down to the lowest level enchantments which is akin to not having enchanting at all (in terms of combat). It also allows us to continue making custom names.

  8. That isn’t a bad idea at all but by enchanting at low levels I believe you make it easier to get god gear. The way I got every single piece of god gear that I own is from doing level one enchants on books. I would honestly say that books are your culprit here. By enchanting books there is a no risk high reward system going on here. Look at it like this, if you get a garbage level 5 enchant on a book your like oh well it only a book, but if it were a diamond chestplate you just lost 8 diamonds. This will discourage most people from enchanting since there is a risk to enchanting.

    Now the low level system isn’t a bad idea if it coincides with what I said above(I know you said that you were thinking about doing this anyway). I really think that just by removing books you remove 80% of the god armor that would have been created if you hadn’t done so. But I do believe that if you leave high level combat enchants in as well you still wouldn’t see a much god gear since there isn’t a good chance of people getting multiple level 30 enchants of the thing they want. That is a lot of wasted diamonds and then you have to turn around and combine them. If you bring back combat enchants but remove book enchants, no matter what the highest level enchant is, you will see a giant decrease in god gear. Sorry for the long post but I decided to go ahead and put in my two cents worth. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  9. I brought up books earlier in the comments, he said hed just disable book enchants. m8

    the lowest ive ever enchanted a tool and gotten a worthwhile enchantment was level 12. 5-10 is just shit efficiency or base unbreaking.

    • Yup, most of the worthwhile enchants won’t even appear until levels 15+ and even then it’s barely a 10% chance to roll them. Enchanting should be left alone and kept as-is.

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