Simple Times (Story)

We’ve all heard about the peaceful times of the shire, the dark age where mortals took shelter from the cold in the iron door tavern, and the many wars with the undead. But not much is said about the simple times of Dagon Fel. Actually, I believe this time period is almost completely forgotten, which is a shame. You should never forgot your roots!

When the dark age ended and all was lost a fleeing vessel shipwrecked on the beach of Dagon Fel. The surviving mortals had no home to go back to, so they did the only thing they could do – begin again.

The first settlement was necropolis. It settled itself right off the beach in full view of the shipwreck. Necropolis suffered from constant bandit raids during it’s few weeks of life, and eventually died off and became a zombie infested ruin.

It wasn’t long before the old faction “the fleet” made their mark on Dagon Fel. They continued their tradition by starting a brand new tavern where mortals could gather for a pint & share Ancient World stories.

Growing in popularity, the tavern eventually became the capital location on Dagon Fel. Mortals would use the location to trade, meet other mortals, and hold events. The christmas party of 2012 was held here.

But these simple times did not come without it’s own conflicts. Different groups of mortals had conflicting goals & beliefs, and this caused many skirmishes to erupt. The early days of Dagon Fel were full of bloodshed and banditry.

And who could forget creeper canyon? 😉

All in all, the early days of Dagon Fel were both brutal yet simple. These mortals are our ancestors, and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here today.

The time had finally arrived. The Dagon Fel mortals were looking to the horizon – searching for new land to settle on to call home. This is where it all began!

The results are in! (Poll)


The votes were cast and the results are here. It seems we almost have a draw between full enabled enchants vs no combat enchants with tool enchants.

However, it may be important to note that I did disregard option 3 in my original blog entry, saying that only option 1 & 2 were valid. This most likely gave some voters the impression they could only choose between disabled & enabled enchants. I believe if I didn’t leave that note there even more players would have voted for option 3.

I’ve already made several necessary changes in-game to bar players from creating any new combat enchants. I’m open to all feedback about this change and I would like to hear your experience with it.

Orrostar Mortals Victorious Over Terths Nautilus Rift! (News)

Today one of Terth’s Rifts unexpectedly emerged in our realm on the continent of Nautilus Taber. NT is one of the 5 continents currently corrupted by the deadly ash from Dagon volcano. It’s clear now that Terth has more power over these region than we once thought. All Mortals are warned to take great caution when visiting the continents.

Among the ruins of the Rift large amounts of netherwart & glowstone was found. It seems these riches are now ripe for the taking & serve as a great reward for those who fought in the battle against the undead.

Talking About MC & The Ancient World (Gameplay)



This video was recorded several days after the opening but I believe it’s still very relevant. Basically I’m walking around the Ancient Lands while talking to Ikukelas (another Ancient player) about how the new age is going and I share some of my thoughts on Minecraft. This is Part 1 in a possible 8 part series of videos (yeah, I recorded that much that night). If you would like to see the rest let me know and I’ll post them up soon.

Enchanting on The Ancient World (Poll)

What do you guys think about the removal of enchanting? This age being the least PVP focused for a long time I cannot think of a better time to make a big change such as this. The impact of doing this now will be minimal, as previous ages were largely focused around gear & war. I also believe the positive effects from this will ripple into future ages as well.. it could very well become the norm for our server.

For those of you who have been on during previous ages you’re likely familiar with the problems caused by high level enchants. They create an aggressive, unforgiving experience for new players among many other balancing issues. I know that many of you vastly prefered the earlier days when there were no enchants and we had a no diamond armor rule. Traveling the wilds wasn’t ruled by OP Prot IV diamond players. Worst case scenario you were outnumbered but you were never at a huge disadvantage because you didn’t grind 1000x hours.

Some positives I can see coming from this change:

  • Ordinators & Demigods become more powerful inhabitants on the server. Currently, a Prot IV diamond armor PVPer is more combat capable than a demigod player. It’s absurd.
  • It will add much value to gifts from the creator, such as artifacts & unique gear. (Yes, I plan to do something like this soon)
  • Buffs from beacons & artifacts actually noticable in a combat situation
  • Mobs actually a challenge again and I won’t need to keep buffing them with unstable plugins. For the last year I’ve tried to balance mobs so they are fair to new players & high level players but with no luck. It’s impossible.
  • Old enchanted combat gear will be illegal to use, but old enchanted tools won’t be. This will add potential value to any old tools you save

“I honestly don’t see how you can think this is a good idea. It literally is pushing minecraft back to the pre-XP beta times pretty much. Sure you keep everything like horses but you are unable to repair items without levels or even name items which would cut out a lot of rp. Overall it is a really bad idea, enchants are now a part of minecraft and should be accepted.” -Jakeman664

Enchanting overall was a poorly thought out feature thrown into the game to give it some kind of goal or progression ladder. It’s my opinion that Minecraft is a sandbox game where we can create any kind of world we want. Just because Mojang shoves a feature down our throat doesn’t mean we have to have it in our game. This is why so many are waiting for the modding API. Players want to customize their experience.

Perhaps if The Ancient World was an anarchy server without a theme, or the theme was high fantasy, it would make sense to have enchantments in our world. But TAW has always been very dark, even more so now with Conquest texture pack. I was having a discussion earlier with Tidge and Doyl where they made the comparison between Morrowind & Oblivion from the Elder Scrolls series. If TAW was one of those, it would be Morrowind. When I see players fighting undead on the continents I imagine them wearing rusty, battle-worn iron armor, covered in molten ash & blood of their foes. Not elves wearing perfectly crafted diamond magic armor, magic enchanted bows, & cleanly washed hair.

On another note – It wasn’t my intention to remove custom item names. That is a feature I very much liked. I will see if I can find a way to bring it back without needing XP.

Please cast your vote in the poll below!

NOTE: I put the third option in for those who wanted it. The truth is, it’s not a practical thing to implement. At this point in time I’m only considering options #1 and #2.